CRiMP-TECH can help you select the correct tooling for your application. With over 25 years of connector and terminal tooling experience, we have amassed a huge cross-reference of tooling for connectors, terminals and splices manufactured by major connector and terminal manufacturers
Crimps Red/Blue/Yellow terminals
WHS-1 wire Harness Spoon
CRiMP-TECH Australia Pty. Ltd
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Telephone: +61 7 3376 0110
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Crimp Tool
CRiMP-TECH is a specialist supplier of copper crimp terminal lugs and associated tooling for Transformer manufacturers. With our partner, Elpress AB, all tooling, die sets and terminals are supplied to the System Elpress concept of precisely matching all crimp componentry to ensure customers that the resultant crimped joint has been properly engineered.
Used to assist in weaving wires into existing wire harnesses
50,000 crimp cycles
For 2.5mm-11mm O/D
CRiMP-TECH are prime suppliers of tooling to Rail, Military, Defence Department, Defence Contractors, Airlines, Transformer manufacturers and many other clients in the Asia-Pacific rim.
Battery Tools
Sheath Stripper
Hydraulic Pump
Precise stripping
Automatic return
after completed crimp
Nine position setting wheel
630 BAR
Strips sheaths up to 1mm thick
Only 15Kg
IP20 rated
For Military, Aerospace & Industrial applications
Terminal can be loaded from both sides due to symmetrical crimp
Copper Terminals
For Flexible
(Welding) cable